Executive Coach

Turtle Top VT3 - Executive Coach

Our spacious 13-passenger Turtle Top VT3 - Executive coach is the perfect mid-sized bus for small groups.  We purchased this vehicle in 2018 as our first vehicle and frequently use it for Santa Barbara wine tours, weddings, friend getaways, dinner transportation, airport pickup/dropoffs, and more.  Choose Next Adventure for your transportation needs and elevate your travel experience to the next level.

Why we love it:

This vehicle is super comfortable and easy to get in and out of.  The automatic step lowers, making it an excellent option for persons with mobility issues.  The spacious interior features a high roof, allowing most passengers to walk up and down the aisle easily.  

  • Size: Spacious interior designed for 13 passengers plus cargo (12 passengers in the cabin and one passenger upfront with the driver).
  • Interior Comfort: The luxurious cabin features leather seats with lap belts, easy-close vents above seats, mood lighting, armrests, and a beautiful panoramic window to take in the views!
  • Style: Tinted windows offer privacy and comfort while allowing easy viewing through the windows.
  • Cargo Capacity: This vehicle offers plenty of cargo space for luggage, wine purchases, or other items you need to store on the trip.  We even have space to hang clothing items like long dresses or sports coats!
  • Convenience: Each seat is equipped with a USB port to charge your electronic devices on the go.  While we don't have a cup holder for every seat, we have several available throughout the cabin to hold your beverages.
  • Audio & Video: Passenger-controlled Bluetooth and a built-in video monitor with HDMI port.

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