Safety Guidelines

Health & Safety Guidelines

CDC & CDPH Guidelines

    CDC Guidelines
    Next Adventure 805 follows all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting our vehicles. This includes cleaning and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces such as grab points, seats, seat belts, and their release mechanisms, door handles, and armrests.

    Besides the cleaning and disinfecting procedures we use, we have also elected to eliminate shared tours. This decision was made to help ensure our customers are as comfortable as possible while using our services.

    Hand sanitizer liquid and wipes are available in the shuttle and guests are encouraged to use them frequently.  Guests can also use the wipes to wipe down seatbelts, armrests, or other hard non-porous surfaces they may touch during their service.  

    TCP Number

    Ever see that little TCP number on vehicles and wonder what it means?

    A TCP number means you’re working with an appropriately licensed and insured transportation company. It means all safety and security protocols are in place to keep you and your fellow passengers safe. It means that a full inspection by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office took place and certified that the companies' vehicles are safe to operate.

    TCP numbers are required for all for-hire transport in California to ensure that they meet all of the state, local, and federal requirements to operate and keep you safe!

    Our TCP number is 43310. Click here to view our operating certificate.

    For more information, or to see if your transportation company is registered with the Public Utilities Commission, visit